We actively participate in the procedures of our clients to satisfy the specifications of each of them, to guarantee synergies between the qualitative guarantees of the suppliers and the demands of the users (traceability, physical and health quality of the products ). , non-GMO guarantee, durability, etc.).


At JaGlobalGroup we recognize the critical role that market research plays in understanding industry dynamics, identifying emerging trends and staying ahead in a competitive market. Our commitment to providing exceptional products and services is backed by extensive and insightful market research. With a dedicated team of experienced researchers, we delve into the food, feed and industrial sectors, seeking to uncover valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. Our comprehensive market research initiatives cover a wide range of factors, including consumer preferences, industry regulations, technological advancements and market dynamics.


At Ja Global Group we understand that effective execution is crucial to translating strategies into tangible results. We are dedicated to monitoring the execution of our initiatives and projects to ensure optimal performance and the achievement of our organizational goals. Our rigorous execution monitoring practices allow us to identify areas of improvement, improve operational efficiency and deliver superior results for our clients.


JA GLOBAL GROUP Feature Highlights

Trust in our experience

For 15 years JA GLOBAL GROUP has been a premier supplier of beef, chicken, pork, and other meat products to the Caribbean and South America. This is because we take pride in our work, and ensure that we offer only the best quality of products for the best comparable price.

Low costs

How are we able to keep the cost down for our customers, that is because we have integrated our supply process..

Customs Clearance

We offers Customs Clearance services at all ports across the USA for Ocean, Air, Truck, and hand-carry cargo.

ISF filing

As part of our Ocean Customs Clearance Services, we offers ISF filings services for aditional cost.

Customs Bonds

JA GLOBAL GROUP offers both single-entry and continuous (annual) Customs Bonds at a competitive price.

Simplified a very complicated process

The Customs clearing process is incredibly complicated and cumbersome, but working with us you will get answers to questions and knew where are you in the process. Pricing always be transparent and simple.

Great service and fast replies via chat

Great service and fast replies via chat. Easy to use platform and uploading documents is very easy and trouble free.

...and much more

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